Thursday, May 16, 2013

28. And we are back

Don't EVER move house!

Actually the move wasn't too bad and neither was/is the unpacking.

The problem is Telstra (and TPG).  The good news is that we now have cable internet - YAY.  The bad news is that it took 3 weeks and we have a stupid Telstra T-hub2 that we have to return as they have billed us $360 for it when they said it was free.  So we haven't finished yet...

Anyway, after trawling through 1121 posts on Bloglines, I discovered where I first saw that Craftsy course - Did You Make That.  Now that the weather has turned and it is bucketing down, I think the summer dress will have to wait.

No sewing around here at the moment but the new Ottobre magazine has arrived with a pull-up jeans pattern - perfect timing for potty training.  *groan*