Tuesday, March 12, 2013

22. Affordable Liberty

Why is Liberty fabric SO expensive in Australia?

Tessuti sells it for $45/m
Patchwork on Central Park has it for $50/m

Then when you buy overseas, outside the UK, like we did to New York it is still expensive.
At Purl Soho it is $36.52/m. Until recently, this was the best price online that I had found for Liberty Fabrics.

Not anymore!

Have a look at Shaukat which has an AWESOME selection of all kinds of Liberty Fabrics - knits, needlecord, craft fabric, poplin, silks, wool blends - the list goes on.  There is so much choice here it is really overwhelming.  The really best part is the price for shipping - 1m is 10.72Pounds ($AU15.50) and 8m is 12.72pounds ($AU18.50).  I haven't tried adding more to my basket to see how much fabric I can jam in at this price - way too tempting.  Tessuti charges $10 for posting in Australia!

We all know that Liberty Tana Lawn is not cheap but here is sells on average for 13pounds ($AU20).  I am planning to make long sleeve shirts for work and I need 1.6m, so for $32 plus notions I can make myself a Liberty Tana Lawn cotton shirt.  I can't buy a polyester blend shirt from Target for that price.  Spotlight has the Japanese Tana Lawn for $15/m when it is not on sale, which shows you what a great deal this is for the Liberty Lawn.  Obviously the shipping cost has to be considered but even then if I only bought enough for a single shirt each time it would cost $47.50per shirt which is still a bargin when Country Road is charging $99!

So what am I going to buy you ask?

Seymour Stretch Poplin 98% Cotton and 2% Elastane:
Seymour Poplin
Classic Tana Lawn 100% Cotton:
I am really excited as Hera is my all-time favourite Liberty print and soon it will be mine - I hope I will have the courage to cut into it!


  1. I recommend Shaukat or the ebay seller fellabird. I tried to resist for awhile, but it was usless! If you havent checked out the blog Buckingham Road yet, I would as she loves liberty!

  2. Thanks Kat for the recommendations- you just never know how good these online stores are :)