Friday, March 8, 2013

19. Printing block complete

I have just finished carving out my "jellyfish" printing blocks.

There are 2 and the plan is to layer them on top of each other.  I was going to make the first block, the one that is going to be overprinted, a solid circle but during carving I changed my mind.  I hope that by having the negative space carved out, it will provide more of a 3D effect with the overprinting.  Unfortunately I only have one stamp pad, so I really can't test this out until we start printing on Tuesday.

As part of our decluttering for the sale of our house my carving tools, paints and stamp pads are all packed up in storage.  So today I had to buy tools and a stamp pad so that I could get started. I bought the stamp pad at Riot Art and Craft and the carving tools from Melbourne Art Supplies.  I did notice that Riot has some awesome Speedball screenprinting kits which start at $70 for the basic kit and $130 for a large screen kit.  I know I don't need another hobby, but just thought I would tell you in case you were interested.

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  1. Your right no more hobbys required!!! but i think it may be a little addictive, i already have more designs float around my head and we have plenty of supplies.

    Cant wait to get started, change of plans ploughmans lunch on tuesday.