Tuesday, March 19, 2013

23. It's in the post

Finally today I managed to get myself, with toddler, to the post office to post out the hand printed swap fabrics.  Unfortunately they all weighed 56g so they were over the letter maximum of 50g (!!) and I had to fork out another $4each in postage.  Oh well, nothing could be done.

So here they are:
 Can you see the "watermark" jellyfish?  I had to take the photos in the shade otherwise it wasn't visible.
 A lighter version.
 This one has 3 colours and is my favourite.
 Not the best photo of this one but it is the best I could get.
Nicely folded ready to be posted.

Fabric: White Primavera 100% cotton from Spotlight (I wouldn't call it white though, probably a very light natural);
Printing: Ezi-carve block using Permaset "Junior Navy" ink.

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  1. Hi, I'm here from Lara's blog. Love your craft!
    Actually, I have a question about CD - I posted on Lara's blog, and am curious about what you mentioned. Thanks!