Saturday, July 26, 2014

35. KCW Day 4, 5 & 6

Sometimes the best laid plans don't work out and unfortunately this was such a time :(  I was too tired to contemplate fixing the overlocker or risk making a mistake cutting out something new, so nothing happened.  Thankfully today was better and I managed to re-thread the overlocker and whip up a pair of tracksuit pants for Julian.

I used the basic sweatpant from the Autumn 04/2013 Ottobre (Love the hoodie too!):
Ottobre 04/2013 27. Ultimate Casual basic Sweatpant
I made the executive decision that a 4 year old does not need pockets, so I omitted them.  Might also have been due to laziness...I used some blue sweatshirt knit from Spotlight that I have also previously used for trackpants.  It wears well and best of all if/when it gets a hole in the knee, only a small ladder is created not a gaping hole.
Ottobre 04/2013 27. Ultimate Casual basic Sweatpant - Front
They are not very exciting but are perfect for childcare and mucking around home.  It is difficult to differentiate between the front and back, so I added a piece of ribbon to help when dressing.
Ottobre 04/2013 27. Ultimate Casual basic Sweatpant-Ribbon detail
As you can see this blue is closer to black, so I should have used black overlocking thread.  Might not have looked so messy if I had done.  Oh well, it is the inside of a pair of tracksuit pants so I am not too stressed about it and Julian wont care either!

Tonight I am going to cut out a polar fleece top for Julian.  This will be my second attempt at this pattern as on my first try I cut to line up the pattern and NOT the stretch on the polar fleece. 

Looks great doesn't it?  However I needed to dislocate Julian's shoulder to get him into it!  Lesson learnt.  I salvaged the zip and turned the jacket into legging for Rohan which he has already grown out of.

  My SIL gave me remnants from a woolen knit top she made herself and I am thinking of using it with a couple of Maze and Vale fabrics to make a top for Rohan.

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