Wednesday, July 23, 2014

34. KCW Day 2 & 3

Unfortunately Day 2 was a write off as I was a bit run down.  After the boys were in bed, all I wanted to do was lie on the couch.  So I did. Not the best start but lets not dwell on it...

So today I made up for it.  I made Rohan a pair of footed pants.  These are out of Ottobre Spring 01/2014:

Ottobre 01/2014 - 11. Little Feet footed pants
I made them up in an elephant microfleece that I picked up at spotlight when it was on sale for $6/m.
Baby footed pants - front (no idea why the waistband looks crooked as it isn't)
Baby footed pants - back
I cut a size 68cm and didn't alter a thing.  I have previously made him a 62cm pair which he is nearly out of, so I knew that the crotch depth was high but not silly-high so I left it as drafted. Everything except the feet and waistband were done on the overlocker, so they were super-speedy.  Ottobre instructions are scant at best but with something as simple as these you really don't need anything too detailed.  It is Burdastyle magazine for children :)

I tried them on Rohan and they were a tad too long and the crotch length was a little high on him.  Thankfully babies grow so quickly they will fit him perfectly in a couple of weeks!

As I was on a roll and had a sleeping baby, I also unpicked the waistband of the tracksuit pants that I made on Monday and reduced the crotch depth by 1".  They are now SO much better!

Baby tracksuit pants - front

Baby tracksuit pants - back
I am now happy with them.  My pattern matching is OK but I wish I had lined up the centre front.  I was lucky it turned out as good as this - pure chance!  The coral fleece is very warm which will be perfect for our up coming trip to New Zealand.

Hopefully I will get photos of Rohan wearing them tomorrow, weather permitting.

Frustratingly, Rohan had a really long midday sleep today and I spent over half of it threading and re-threading my overlocker and it still isn't working.  I decided to change threads to start on Julian's tracksuit pants and I pull through the threads as normal but one broke and that was it.  I am up to re-threading attempt number 5...grrr...

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