Monday, July 21, 2014

33. KCW - Day 1

I have got off to a good start with Kids Clothes Week.  I have cut out Julian's tracksuit pants, Rohan's footed pants and a pair of tracksuit pants.

As I had white thread in the overlocker, I decided to start sewing Rohan's tracksuit pants.  The fabric is a coral - fleece lined sweatshirting which was left over from a top I made for Julian in my second KCW.  There is a niffy crotch insert and the front/back are cut in one piece with a centre back seam.  The pattern is from Ottobre 04/2013: 
Ottobre 01/2013 6. Tiikeri Sweatpants

I cut out size 68cm as that is how long Rohan is.

 The fit was surprisingly good considering that Rohan is quite slim (for a baby).  My biggest problem is that they are VERY high waisted.  I am tempted to leave it as is, however I know that it will annoy me.
The above photo is after I rolled down the waistband and it looks much better.  So I will need to take off approx 1"/2.5cm to make it look OK.  With Ottobre I have found that the baby pants are too high waisted and yet the child pants always need extra depth to accommodate the nappy.

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