Monday, July 28, 2014

36. KCW - Day 7 and beyond

Finally photos of Rohan wearing the elephant pants:

They fit really well and even though they are a bit long in the leg, they are not unwearable now.

I did manage to get the top for Julian cut out of some nice thick green polar fleece from Spotlight.  This is the Ottobre 06/2012 Winter 14. Manni Zipper front top and I cut out size 116cm:
Ottobre 06/2012 Winter 14. Manni Zipper front top
Ottobre 06/2012 Winter 14. Manni Zipper front top.  Green polar fleece.
I also cut out the long sleeve T-shirt for Rohan using Ottobre 4/2013 Autumn 6.David.  Once again I cut out size 68cm:
Ottobre 4/2013 Autumn 6.David long sleeve T-shirt
I chose this pattern as I had the merino wool scraps from my SIL and the lovely Maze and Vale sample packs for the elbow patches.  The sample packs are great as the scraps are a usuable size - good for clothing embelishment or quilting. I see that the next lot is available on August 15 if you are interested:
After a bit of trial and error with the sleeve patches, I eventually chose the teal blue:

I have a little scrap of the print left over and I am thinking of adding a little pocket on the front for interest.

And that is it for Kids Clothes Week July 2014.  I wish I could have done more but there are limitations when there is a baby in the house. In all, I am happy with what I managed to get done.  The best part is that Julian loves his tracksuit pants and he was excited that I was going to make him another top.  Fingers crossed I can keep my sewing mojo :)

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