Wednesday, January 1, 2014

31. Homemade cleaning products

This post is mainly for me, just in case I lose the piece of paper with the recipe for best cleaning spray EVER.  I have made the switch to homemade cleaning products as I was disgusted/dismayed at how the grout in the shower at the old house was getting eaten by the cleaning products I was using.  Also the smell/burning nostrils wasn't pleasant either.  At the new house, I swore off these products (BAM, Spray'n wipe, Harpic etc) and now I am converted!

Miracle Spray:
1.5L Water (1cup/250ml very hot/boiling)
300ml White Vinegar (Cheap homebrand from the Supermarket)
60ml Liquid Castile soap (I bought Eucalyptus scented, Dr Bronner brand)
3 dessertspoons Washing Soda (Lectric brand AKA Soda Crystals or Sodium Carbonate)

Dissolve washing soda in hot water and add remaining ingredients.

Makes 2L.  Use in a spray bottle. 

This stuff is AWESOME!  I spray it liberally onto the shower, bath and basins and come back about 10mins later to RINSE it off.  Even if it has dried and gone white/filmy it washes off easily leaving a wonderful streak free finish but you MUST rinse.  It makes light work of soap residue too - big smiles from me.

50% Borax (Tub of crystals from supermarket)
50% Baking soda (1kg container from Bunnings, cheaper than the supermarket)

Mix up in a jar and sprinkle whereever you would normally use Jif or an abrasive cleaner.  This one is excellent when used with a scrubbing brush.  The added bonus is that Borax is a mold inhibitor, so if mold is your problem this will help.

All-purpose Cleaner
50% White Vinegar
50% Water

Simple as that, mixed in a spray bottle.  You can add drops of Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus or any essential oil to mask the vinegar smell.  The best part is that it doesn't need to be rinsed off!

I do all my cleaning with a stack of Microfibre cloths which I bought from Bunnings for $10 (36 cloths!).  They just get thrown in the wash and are good to go again.  I never use paper towels on the floor anymore and use these instead.

BUT that is as far as I will go for the moment.  I still use Finish in the dishwasher, OMO Sensitive in the Washing machine, Napisan for soaking and an Earth Choice toilet cleaner.  It works for me.

***Update: I have just found this from the website CleanMama. LOVE the printables! ***

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  1. Now i can find them too!! Shall try!
    I converted to Nature direct products to avoid chemicals but these sound worth a try!