Thursday, April 25, 2013

27. Kids Clothes Week - Autumn

I really didn't think I would be doing the Kids Clothes Week this season as the house is in boxes and we move TOMORROW!  I really enjoyed the last KCWC which was in October as it made me use the Ottobre magazines that I had already bought.

Somehow I did manage to make a sweatshirt AND a pair of tracksuit pants for Julian - a complete miracle!

Once again I used patterns out of Ottobre magazine.  This is the sweatshirt (on the left):
Ottobre 06/2012
And these are the tracksuit pants (with stars and made out of a lightweight knit here):
Ottobre 01/2013

Unfortunately I stuffed up the neckline of the sweatshirt and had to cut out the ribbing and use self-ribbing (is that what it is called?) instead.  I also stuffed up the tracksuit pants and the pockets are too big and definitely not big enough to hold a Matchbox car.  Thankfully Julian hasn't noticed yet...

Man it is difficult to take a photo of a 2.5year old!  These photos were taken just as we were about to race out the door to Childcare - in the last photo I asked Julian to turn around so I could see his bum, hence the hand :)

I love the sizing of Ottobre as it is reasonably slim fitting and if it says it fits 98cm tall, it does.  If you do have a solid child, they also have a few patterns in a relaxed fit.  I cut a straight 98cm for both the Sweatshirt and trackpants and they are both quite snug.  I will make another of both but I will increase the length of the pants to give me more wear out of them (Julian continues to grow at 1.5cm per month!). 

I used a printed Sweatshirt fabric with a coral fleece backing which I picked up at Spotlight during their 40%off sale over Easter.  I bought the navy sweatshirting at the same time.  All up this outfit cost less than $10 which makes me very happy!

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  1. Great job on the price and using those patterns you have. I can't believe it's KCW already. I joined in last year but right now I'm really on a kick to sew things for me (finally!) so I'm running with it. I will have to make some winter gear for my eldest eventually. Good luck with the move! :)