Monday, October 8, 2012

3. Kids Clothes Week Challenge Day 1

The challenge is to sew childrens clothes for at least 1 hour a day for a whole week.  "Sew" includes tracing and cutting out as well as actual sewing.

My plan is to spend an hour tonight tracing out patterns from my 2 Ottobre pattern magazines.  Ottobre is like the Burda magazine but for Children.

The first issue I have is summer 03/2012 and I am planning to makethe shorts, T-shirt and vest shown in the middle photo.
 I like the vest shown here but I will have to modify the pattern in the smaller size (shown above) to suit my boy.

Then from my 2nd Ottobre magazine, Autumn 04/2012, I am going to make another pair of the black trousers shown below.  I made size 92 and they fit perfectly now, so I wont have to trace those.  I planning on making them in a camo fabric.  Maybe I will get excited and trace out the raglan long sleeve T-shirt but not promising anything :)

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