Friday, October 12, 2012

5. KCWC Days 3 and 4

I just couldn't manage doing anything on Day 3, so I worked for longer on Day 4 to finish these shorts for Julian.  They have a placket in the front like Sailor pants - this will be more obvious when I add the buttons. 
From the photos it does look like a kilt from the front but hopefully it doesn't look that way when they are on Julian!

This is the Ottobre (03/2012) photo of the shorts:

I have been sewing for more than 25 years (!!)  and I have never sewn a waist band or placket like this.  I am LOVING Ottobre magazine.  I have already used the way they suggest to insert the elastic into waist bands on a pair of trousers and a top (Join the elastic and fit it inside the foldover that will be the waistband and then use a zipper foot to sew the casing - I hope that makes sense!).

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  1. I will have to join the Ottobre revolution. Isn't CKWC great for giving you a push along in new directiions.