Saturday, October 13, 2012

7. KCWC Day 6

I had originally planned to make Julian a sleeveless hoodie as part of this challenge.  That was until I realised that he has grown, again and his tracksuit pants are now ankle length.  Unfortunately as we are coming into Summer, Target, K-Mart and Big W no longer stock them.  So I decided to use the sweatshirting I had bought for the hoodie to make a pair of tracksuit pants.  Once again Ottobre (03/2012) to the rescue:
Obviously I am not going to make them in pink, but the pink tracksuit pants do go up to size 92cm and I know that they fit Julian perfectly.
I was a bit nervous about binding the pocket openings and I did contemplate omitting them.  I have NEVER done this before and it was my first time using a twin needle (so why the blog name you wonder!).  The end result was pretty good and it is not like Julian will care anyway ;)
 And this is as far as I got.  I managed to break the overlocker when I was stitching in the inside leg seams.  The rib cuffs got caught and they bent one of the moving parts.  Now it rubs with every turn of the cam and will not work at all.  Tomorrow I will try a little gentle persuasion with a rubber mallet but it that fails, it is off to the repair shop :(

To cheer myself up, I cut out a hat from a free McCalls pattern - Baby hats.  This is left over Superhero fabric from a quilt I made for another little Superhero.  I noticed that Julians "Rocket" sunhat was now too small for him and now the once way-too-big McCalls hat fits him perfectly - he is wearing it below:
I made this one with a Car print and he loves it!

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