Monday, January 7, 2013

11. Zara's quilt

The first quilt I ever made was a wedding present for my friend who lives in an 1880's farm house (old for Australia).
It was a Queen size quilt - what was I thinking?
I managed to finish it for their first wedding anniversary ;)
Anyhow, a year ago they had a baby girl and I was planning to finish it before she was born.  This didn't happen.  I bought the fabric before she was born and then I cut everything else the week of my birthday in January.  Things slowed after that and I managed to finish sewing on the label the night before her first birthday partyin December!

And here it is:

 I used the Purl Bee Flying Geese Mini Quilt as the basis of the design and just keep adding blocks until I got the size wanted (approx 90cm x105cm).

The front fabric is all from the first Denyse Schmidt range for Spotlight (Picnics and Fairgrounds).  As I was making it I kept cursing myself for not using a higher contrast range of fabrics so the piecing would be more visible.  There is a lot of piecing with Flying Geese!  However, I wasn't going to change halfway through and now that it is bound and finished, I actually like the busy look to it.  The backing fabric was on sale at Fabricworm a long time ago (Michael Miller?) and I bought it as the Mum loves elephants and I love red and pink together.

 As a link back to her parents Queen size quilt, I used left over fabric from that quilt for the squares in the corners - they kind of go with the rest of the quilt.

 I embroidered the label and I love it! No more printed labels for me.


  1. This is lovely, and the label is a really nice touch too

    1. Thanks - definitely makes it just a little bit more special.

  2. This is awesome! I had to laugh as I promised my bro-in-law and his wife I'd sew them a quilt for their wedding present too. In the end I finished it this time last year, AFTER their SECOND wedding anniversary .. and weeks before I gave birth to my third child... and a few months before she gave birth to her first. It was originally going to be a queen size too but in the end I had to be realistic and made it for their couch. :)