Sunday, February 24, 2013

15. The Everyday Wardrobe

If you haven't read this post on Sewaholic, read it now!  Cake vs Frosting.  I only just discovered it and I found myself nodding the whole time.  Seriously, how many dress patterns do I own?  How many have I actually made?  How many do I actually wear?  This summer I have only worn ONE.  (It is the Tessuti Lily Linen dress which I have been meaning to blog about but haven't.  Silly really since I have been wearing it nearly non-stop.)

Then read this about The Everyday Wardrobe about sewing clothes you will actually wear!  What a concept!

And then this post by Scared Stitchless about the fabric you buy and the fabric that you would wear.  I have 12, yes TWELVE, 53L plastic tubs full of fabric.  Some it dates back to when Ballantynes sold fabric downstairs and their toilets had a 10c coin slot to get in the door (early 90's).  Without a doubt I will never wear some of it but I have this inability to just let go...

Anyway, the point is that I only work 3 days a week in a very casual environment where if I wanted to I could wear jeans or Hard Yakka to work and I would fit in.  The other days I am a Mum which means comfortable clothes which you can go down a slide in.  I try to get "dressed up" for work but that just means I wear trousers instead of jeans otherwise my wardrobe is the same day in, day out.

As we are moving to a bigger house and consequently a bigger mortgage, it is time to tighten the belt and cut out the unneccesary spending.  I don't spend much on clothes but it finally dawned on me to make clothes out of my stash. 

The first problem is that I don't really have any patterns for Everyday clothes (what have I been buying?).

So I bought a pattern which I first saw on SewBrunswick - the Grainline Studio Scout Tee which is only $US6.50.  A bargin.  I have made one:

 And this is another in progress:

I found that if I added a centre back seam and used pre-made bias binding for the neck I could get the top out of 1.2m - yay me (as this is all I bought of the small flower print).

Both are from the lovely Japanese Tana Lawn range at Spotlight.

I will do a proper post with photos of these tops ON ME as that is so important for you to see the fit.


  1. Oh I love the fabric choice! Great tees, definitely "everyday wear" and that's what we all need in our wardrobes before pretty dresses. (as much as I'd love to wear pretty dresses everyday, just not practical with little kids!)

  2. these are definitely on the 'to do' list, the hanger really does not do them justice, love the second print by the by.