Sunday, February 24, 2013

14. Handprinted fabric swap

If you have ever looked at Spoonflower or read Printing by Hand or Heather Ross prints, you will want to try your hand at this:
The lovely Leslie from Maze and Vale has started another Handprinted Fabric Swap.  I have never (that I can remember) printed my own design onto fabric.  The really scary thing is that I will be giving away 4 fat quarters to complete strangers who are really on me to do a good job.

My oldest friend from high school suggested I do the printing with her, so after she did the research we bought supplies from Cavalier Art Supplies in Geelong.  The service was fast and the prices were the best she could find anywhere.

I have signed up to a Red and/or Navy group.  After our visit to the Aquarium last week, I am thinking of a jellyfish block.  Fingers crossed my drawing and carving skills are up to it :)

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