Friday, January 30, 2015

38. Wardrobe planning

It is January (for another 2 days) so obviously I am thinking about the year ahead.  I have returned to work after my last ever maternity leave and this is my last week of only working 2 days a week.  Next week I will be working 3 days and this will be my "new normal'' probably until Rohan starts school in 4 years time! This has got me thinking about the life I want to live and what makes me happy.  Sewing definitely makes me happy.  However I haven't shifted the baby weight as easily this time around, so I am not the size I used to be, let alone the size want to be.  With the limited amount of sewing time that I have due to 2 small kidlets and working, do I want to be spending it on making clothes to fit my current body shape/size?  I fear that if I do this, I am accepting my current body is a permanent change.

Time on Pinterest
I really do hate exercising.  I have printed the picture above and stuck it in front of our treadmill.  I bought an app for Couch to 5k and I have used it only 3 times!  I know that running is the only thing that shifts weight for me and that is why we bought the treadmill in the first place!  I spend hours on pinterest trying to find printables to chart my weightloss (they aren't very good either) and then watch Martha Bakes on Foxtel afterwards. 
Devil's Food Cake with Milk Chocolate Frosting
 I just made this fantastic Devils Food Cake for my birthday (it makes 2 tall 20cm/8" cakes!) which also explains why I am the size I am.  In addition I finally gave up breastfeeding a week ago - a whole year!! - and I am so chuffed with this.

So the long of it is, that I must focus on the things that make me happy (sewing and baking) and suck up the things that I dislike (exercise).

Which brings me back to sewing.  I haven't read  sewing blogs in ages (thanks to Pinterest) and when I sat down last night to read them using Bloglines, I discovered that Bloglines no longer exists! At the time I cursed and grumbled as I had no idea what blogs I actually read as it had been so long, so how could I set up a new blog reader?  I tried Feedly for 1day and I didn't like it, so I gave Bloglovin' a try.  Wow, isn't it fantastic!  It was so easy and I discovered some new to me blogs which are awesome!

I also did a search on "Capsule Wardrobe" and "Wardrobe Planning" as that is what I really want to do. There is the brilliant 2014 Wardrobe Architect series on Coletterie and the 2015 revision which is just starting; the excellent Wardrobe planning post on Grainline; the SewMamaSew post from IndieSew for a Handmade Wardrobe; Into-Minds whole website!; Make me a Wardrobe on My Make do and Mend year; SewOutnumbered and her Capsule wardrobe planning...Phew that was a lot of links!  So here it is, I think I am finally going to commit:

I was just looking through my Pinterest and discovered more Capsule planners and Wardrobe builders which I must list here for completeness:

Project 333
Sewing plums

And how did I ever forget Sewing Pattern Review Wardrobe competitions.  There are lots of great ideas there and I see that there is a Travel Capsule competition starting 1st February!  Maybe this is a bit soon for me.

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