Friday, January 30, 2015

39. Colours or Colour Me Beautiful

In October 2013, my mother's group had a "Colours" evening where a consultant helped us find what colours suited us, just like the Colour Me Beautiful of the 80's.  I discovered that I was a "Summer" which was a surprise as my entire wardrobe consisted of "Winter" colour clothes.  I found that I suited Lilac and a whole range of Pink - both colours that I had NEVER worn.

Summer color palette

This lead to a massive clean out of my wardrobe at the time and a shopping spree.  Admittedly I was 7 months pregnant at the time and I needed summer clothes as I had nothing that fitted.  Thankfully all the shops were stocked with "Summer" coloured summer clothing - score!  I found so many T-shirts at Jeanswest.

I can't tell you how much this one evening changed the way I thought about what colours suited me.  I had obviously been focusing on what colours I LIKED and not what colours LOOKED GOOD on me.  It was a complete revelation!  I bought the fabric swatch cards of the Summer colours and I take them everywhere.  I really don't care if I get strange stares in the clothes stores when I whip them out to check.  When I wear the colours in this palette my face brightens and I think it has the "pregnancy glow" even when I am not pregnant.

Since the consultation I have read a few articles on colours including from Busy Lizzie and Into-mind.  I have also been very tempted to buy a few books (Reinvent yourself with Colour me Beautiful, Colour your Style)  as my local library doesn't have anything on Colours.  I suppose I have the colour side sorted and now I just need to focus on my body shape and what suits me style wise.  Maybe a personal stylist is the way to go.  Or maybe it is time to strip down to my underwear and draw my own croqui (see LLadybird for how to do this) and try out some shapes this way.  Now to find the time...

Tutorial on how to make a croqui of yourself.
Speaking of colours, have you seen the latest Pantone Colours Spring 2015?  This is what colours we should be seeing in the stores very soon.  Surprisingly I am loving Strawberry Ice.

Pantone's new spring 2015 colors!

Pantone colors Spring 2015

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