Friday, January 30, 2015

40. Boys leggings

Whilst I remember, I have been making leggings for the boys (who are now 1 and 4).  A friend had made some newborn leggings out of a fat quarter of organic cotton knit from Spoonflower, so I decided to give that a go when they had a "Buy 2 for half price" sale.  These are the fabrics I bought:

So far I have made the Whale, Circus and Tiger prints into leggings for Rohan using my TNT Ottobre leggings pattern (Ottobre 04/2014 Autumn #8. Playful Kitty).  It only just fitted onto the fat quarter widthwise, lengthwise they were about 2cm shorter than the pattern.

Ottobre 04/2014 Autumn #8. Playful Kitty
And before you ask, it does appear to be a girls pattern :).

Super Rohan with Whale leggings - look at those tummy muscles!
Circus pants - cracks me up that it says "Quiet please"
Tiger leggings for Rohan's first taste of cake.  He didn't look too keen on it!
Julian has also been keen on wearing some leggings, so I have made a couple of matching pairs.  Julians are Ottobre 01/2013 Chillax leggings which I have made so many times in nearly all the sizes!
Ottobre 01/2013 - Chillax leggings

I made both of these leggings in the photo below.  Rohan also has a pair that matches Julians.

The only problem with leggings is that Julian is going through the knees!  So I had to add in knee pads, which were too high in the first pair I put them on!  Julian chose the fabric from Spotlight as he currently LOVES fish.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to wear well.

The second pair with knee pads hasn't been worn, so I don't know if I have the pad placement ok yet.  The fabric is a Charley Harper knit from Fabricworm and it cost a small fortune now that the Australian dollar isn't so amazing against the US dollar.  The knee pads are made from the closest blue knit that I could find at Spotlight.
No matter how hard I tried, I just could squeeze out Julian's and Rohan's legging from 1 yard :( So these are Rohans modified version which I think look very cute!

Had enough of leggings yet?  I haven't.  I can make both pairs including the cutting in 1.5hours which makes them a very satisfied sew.  I have more Charley Harper knit, so I will definitely be making more leggings :)

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